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MISP Instructor trainings

These complete courses have been developed in an internationally approved curriculum shared by all MISP Trainers. (detail below)

Canada | China, People's Republic of | Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) | Czech Republic | France | Italy | New Zealand | Portugal | Reunion | Russia | Singapore | Slovenia | Taiwan | United Kingdom | United States

Start Date Location Trainer
Canada top
27 Apr, 2019 Montreal, Qc Pierre Blais
15 Jun, 2019 Rimouski, Qc Pierre Blais
China, People's Republic of top
12 Mar, 2019 Chengdu Kimberly Tin
28 May, 2019 Guangzhou Kimberly Tin
26 Sep, 2019 Chongqing Kimberly Tin
29 Nov, 2019 Xian Kimberly Tin
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) top
23 Feb, 2019 Nadine Denard
Czech Republic top
25 Oct, 2019 Prague Sylvie Hétu
France top
9 Feb, 2019 TOULOUSE Nadine Denard
29 Mar, 2019 LYON Nadine Denard
27 Apr, 2019 Lille Anne Boulangé
3 Nov, 2019 Paris Sylvie Hétu
Italy top
18 May, 2019 Rome Sylvie Hétu
Claudio Natale
New Zealand top
6 Apr, 2019 Christchurch Pierre Blais
13 Apr, 2019 Auckland Pierre Blais
Portugal top
26 Jan, 2019 Caldas da Rainha Silvia Conde
16 Feb, 2019 Laranjeiras - Lisboa Silvia Conde
16 Mar, 2019 FARO Silvia Conde
6 Apr, 2019 Porto Silvia Conde
Reunion top
13 Apr, 2019 La Réunion Nadine Denard
Russia top
4 Apr, 2019 St. Petersburg Claudio Natale
Singapore top
8 Mar, 2019 Singapore Kimberly Tin
20 Jul, 2019 Singapore Kimberly Tin
9 Nov, 2019 Singapore Kimberly Tin
Slovenia top
17 May, 2019 Ljubljana Jitka Chrtková
Taiwan top
26 Jan, 2019 Taipei Yueh-Ing Liao
United Kingdom top
30 Jan, 2019 Manchester Katie Norfolk
14 Mar, 2019 Stafford Katie Norfolk
2 May, 2019 Liverpool Katie Norfolk
9 May, 2019 London Katie Norfolk
13 Jun, 2019 Northhants Katie Norfolk
United States top
26 Jan, 2019 Steamboat Springs, CO Allison Dutton
1 Feb, 2019 Des Moines, IA Melissa Enter
16 Feb, 2019 Tacoma, WA Melissa Enter
8 Mar, 2019 Minneapolis, MN Melissa Enter
15 Mar, 2019 Fargo, ND Melissa Enter
22 Mar, 2019 Redding, CA Melissa Enter
29 Mar, 2019 Portland, ME Melissa Enter
12 Apr, 2019 Oahu, HI Melissa Enter
26 Apr, 2019 Portland, OR Melissa Enter
17 May, 2019 West Palm Beach , FL Melissa Enter
7 Jun, 2019 Anchorage, AK Melissa Enter

The Course

The MISP Instructor two-day intensive course is a very complete course with an internationally approved curriculum shared by all MISP Trainers. This includes learning the unique MISP massage routine, child development, scientific knowledge, as well as the basis for bringing the idea of touch and movement for learning into all schools subjects. With the two-day course every instructor receives a very comprehensive workbook that becomes a basic tool for the successful implementation of the programme.

The Certificate

Once the course has been completed successfully, the participant receives the MISP Instructor Certificate, allowing the implementation of the MISP programme within classrooms in the presence of children, and within communities with children and their parents. The MISP intensive course is offered in several locations around the world. Click on the date of any training for further details of location and times. You can then send a message to the trainer by clicking on Send message now and request further details and fees. If no training is offered in your area or country, please contact us and we will make sure a training gets organized in your country.