A better society

Too many students do not thrive. The day when all children experience school as being positive, has yet to come. It is our task, as adults responsible for raising children, to continue seeking solutions.

Where to Start seems to be a challenge in itself, and there are many angles from which this issue can be seen. Of course, the Massage In Schools Programme does not even to try to embrace all the angles. However, as any journey begins with one step, we have a step to propose. That step finds its basis in human nature. No matter what background, culture or social conditions people come from, we all share a common element that is part of human nature. Careful observation of human nature can lead us to an understanding of who we are and what we need to satisfy our potential.

  • Could more nurturing touch between human beings lead us to a better society?
  • Could using nurturing touch consciously and deliberately while raising children lead to a better society?
  • If nurturing touch became the norm and a natural way of relating to one another, would that lead to a better society?

Part of the evolution of society depends on the willingness of individuals to come forward with their ideas. It then takes time, even years or generations to understand if the idea was worth a try.

From research and studies on touch, from our personal experiences, from observation and from pure intuition, we have come to believe that promoting nurturing touch should be experienced by all people in all stages of their life. We believe that massage in schools and the encompassing of nurturing touch and respect among children, can be seen as a tool for a better society.

Our ultimate vision is that there will be thousands of MISP instructors and hundreds of MISP Trainers, all teaching the programme, all sharing their dedication with love so that the nurturing touch will become a way of life for children in all schools, world-wide.

We now know that nurturing touch is an important need. We believe that if nurturing touch is brought into the educational arena, it might become an important step towards a resolution of the crisis that education is facing. We hope that you will consider the matter as urgent and consider the importance of reversing the wheel immediately. It is our responsibility to create a new movement. Together we can do it!