About MISA

The Massage in Schools Association (MISA) is being created in countries, provinces, states or regions where the MISP has been implemented to bring together all MISP qualified Instructors. All MISA Branches are under the umbrella called MISA international.

MISA international has two main categories of affiliated members that are the MISP qualified Trainers and the MISA affiliated Branches.

MISA’s goals are mainly:

  • to provide support to all its members to enhance the chances of success in bringing the MISP into schools
  • to provide a forum for sharing experiences
  • to promote ongoing updates for the evolution of the programme

MISA will evolve based on the efforts put in by the Instructors in each country. All MISP qualified instructors are invited to join their local MISA Branch, or to participate in the creation of one. As a qualified Instructor, you will be invited to be a member. Free membership will be offered to you for the first year.

Having an association brings further credibility to the MISP program and brings many opportunities for its members for ongoing improvements. There is nothing like shared knowledge and shared experiences. The quality of the program will only improve with the sum of involved Instructors staying in contact with each other.

MISA international organises regular international meetings, where MISA local Branches members and MISP Trainers share their evolution with the programme. Date and venue of next meeting to follow shortly.

Current International Committee members:

President – Carol Trower
Vice President – Pierre Blais
Secretary – Kat Ma
Treasurer – Sylvie Hetu
Education coordinator – Mia Elmsater

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is a unique, child-centered massage programme that’s helping children all over the globe.
Our Mission
The mission of the Massage in Schools Programme is to provide high quality and professional training to all teachers and caring adults willing to bring nurturing touch into schools.
Our Vision
The vision of the Massage In Schools Programme is that every child attending school experience positive and nurturing touch every day…everywhere in the world.